As part of my foray into LaTeX, I started to check out Zotero. I've been a happy EndNote user for years now. Love the Word integration. But it really doesn't play well with LaTeX. The RIS and Bibtex export filters are crap. And, obviously, it doesn't integrate with a LaTeX GUI editor the way it does with Word.

I know many people who sing the praises of Zotero, and I know it does a better job of exporting to Bibtex. But after a few days of using it, I'm done. Granted, I haven't put it through as rigorous a test as I might have, but here are my first impressions:

  1. Wow does it slow down Firefox. At least for me, there was a noticeable snappiness hit and a big increase in memory footprint with Zotero running.
  2. It does not seem to do the magic I want it to. I tried to get it to import cites using the "Create New Item from the Current Page" feature, expecting great things. No dice on ACM Portal, IEEE Explore, or ScienceDirect. Maybe I'm not doing it right. The only way I could get it to import a cite was to export a citation for EndNote. Zotero intercepts it and imports. But that's no better than EndNote.
  3. Zotero still doesn't solve the problem of integration with my LaTeX editor. I have to gather cites in Zotero, export a Bibtex file, then go back to my editor.

So, Zotero is out. I think I'll try JabRef next, which integrates with LatexEDitor.