Trader Joe's has come through again with a value on wine that's so amazing I have to share. 2005 Caves des Papes Cotes du Rhone. $4.99 / bottle. You can't miss this oddly shaped, fat and squat wine bottle on the shelf. Everything I have to say about this wine should have '…for $.4.99' tacked on the end of it. What a value. It's well balanced, not too tannic for a young wine, has a good amount of fruit, and even that characteristic earthy quality in the nose that makes some Rhone wines unique (especially one of my favorites, Chataeuneuf-du-Papes). This is everything an everyday wine should be, and for less than $5, you might as well drink it everyday. If I'd paid $20 for this wine, I might not be so glowing. But the Caves des Papes is loads better than so, so many wines you can find at that price point, especially the young ones. Go get it.