An important part of doing research is thinking about who the audience for research is. It's hard especially because of the interdisciplinary nature of what folks who study IT and culture tend to do. Our work is often a mix of theory, praxis, and methodology – a fact which can make it a tough fit for many audiences. Figuring out where research fits, both for grounding it in existing literatures and for finding the right journals to submit papers to, is always a challenge.

So, then, as researchers interested in anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, IT, communication, etc…what journals should we be reading? What journals should we be contributing to? Let's put together a good list – please help! I'll start:

American Anthropologist
CHI Proceedings
Communications of the ACM
Community Informatics
Current Anthropology
Field Methods
First Monday
IT & Society
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
Practicing Anthropology
Science Technology & Human Values
Social Science Computer Review
Technology & Culture
Technology in Society
Technology Review
The New Review of Information Behavior Research