I've struggled for days on the problem of images not displaying correctly in Firefox. But as soon as I began to get used to using the "View This Page in IE" button, I realized how stupid it was. What was the point of switching?

So I combed the internet for answers, and found… nothing.Not a thing. People seemed to be having similar problems but there were no answers. Just as soon as I was about to freak out, I figured it out: Symantec.

My computer has the Symantec Client Security firewall installed. I've been a real fan of it so far – it seems to have blocked quite a few attacks. One of the ways it is very good is in allowing you to customize the level of access that any individual program has. But after a little investigation, I found out that Symantec implicitly allows IE full access to the internet. For any other browser you have to specifically allow traffic. So it turns out the firewall was blocking some of Firefox's traffic, and not allowing it to fetch images in certain contexts.

I told the firewall to allow all traffic from Firefox and the problem was solved. But damn I hate that IE bias.