The program for this year's SfAA meetings in Vancouver has been released. I'm completely psyched for this year's meetings both because last year's in Santa Fe were fantastic and because I've never been to Vancouver. If you've never checked out SfAA, I highly recommend it. The meetings are always a lot of fun – I've found them to be both more informal and much more useful and valuable than the AAAs are. There's also a lot more interaction. The sessions tend to be well attended and full of interesting discussion. It's just a wonderful community of knowledgeable and experienced people.

And more and more there are papers that cross the boundaries between ICTs and anthropology. This year I am doing both a paper and a poster. My paper is titled 'Cultural Assessment of Kiosk Projects: A Path to Sustainable Success' and is in a double session about evaluation that my former advisor put together. The poster is called 'Managing Multiple Identities Online' and draws on a set of informal interviews we conducted about people's strategies for managing multiple online identities.