Well, I was thinking (and a friend was bugging me) about how I claim this blog is at least partly about food & wine, but I have yet to post much of anything on those subjects. So I have a few posts lined up.

This first one is just to announce that I posted a new recipe for Chewy Ginger Cookies on my website. Check it out. Interestingly, I found out by making these a lot in the last few months that there are more people who don't like ginger cookies than don't like almost any other kind of cookie. I think it's the spiciness that doesn't sit well with some people. It's not a savory cookie by any means, but it does have a proper bite. That's actually what I love about it – the spices cut through the sweetness of the cookies very well. The spice also allows nice pairing with quite a variety of foods including some you might not expect, like citrus sorbet, red wine, wheat beer, and similarly spiced ice creams.