I thought it might be high time for a short update on the state of all things Mycroft. In general, the state is very, very good. We finished up the Masters Thesis portion of our project at the UC Berkeley iSchool last May, and collected the James R. Chen Award for excellence from our department. Since then, Ben and I have been hustling to turn Mycroft from an interesting academic project to a viable business. Things are going very well on that front, and before long you might find Mycroft replacing advertising everywhere you turn. At least, that's the idea.

Anyway, we're taking a bit of a step back. As we get all our ducks in a row in terms of technology, business, and legal, we're letting the existing network sort of hum along without developing it further. mycroftnetwork.com has changed too, and like any good Web 2.0 start up we've got a spiffy new logo and some rounded corners. And, of course, a teaser for the private beta release that we'll be putting out before long.

More formal thanks are to come, but I feel like saying here that we owe everything to the community of friends, family, and interested volunteers who made our proof-of-concept an astounding success by hosting, conributing, and otherwise providing feedback. So, thanks a million!