So I have finally broken down and joined the iPod revolution. I just got a 4gb iPod mini. So far I am loving it. Having an iPod has made me realize that converged devices aren't always the best. An iPod is an example of a device that does (pretty much) one thing, and does it (pretty) well. Sure, I could just as easily fire up iTunes or Winamp on my laptop (which I am not often without), but something about having this simple, fast, and functional device at my side all the time seems to make me more likely to use it.

I do have one complaint, however. I loved using Winamp's 'Enqueue' feature which would allow me to start a song playing and then build my playlist on the fly. I love to browse through my collection and add one song after the next without having to go to the trouble of creating a playlist. As far as I know, my iPod won't let me do this, and it's going to change the way I browse and listen to my music. And damnit, my iPod ought to support the way I want to listen, not force me to listen its way!!

I know others have complained about this problem. Anyone know of a solution?