I'm excited to have my first publication out in Practicing Anthropology, a journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology. It's not a peer-reviewed journal, but that's just as well because I make some pretty wild accusations about a popular evaluation methodology, Empowerment Evaluation. Unfortunately the journal's not online, but the citation is:

Antin, J. 2005. Empowerment Evaluation: From Theory to Practice. Practicing Anthropology 27:23-26.

My wife was also published in the same issue. She reports on the fantastic work she and a friend of ours did combining ethnography with GIS. I have been stealing her ideas (with attribution, of course!) lately for some new work I'm doing. That citation is:

Antin, T., and M. Hora. 2005. Distance and Beyond: variables Influencing Conceptions of Food Store Accessibility in Baltimore, Maryland. Practicing Anthropology 27:15-17.