Jon Stewart's appearance on CNN's Crossfire has been widely reported in the blogosphere.

(from Aaron Swartz via Joe)

One of the most incredible sights of this political season:

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Jon Stewart goes on Crossfire, one of our vapid political “debate” shows and asks them, plainly, to stop hurting America, to leave the side of the politicians and the corporations and start working for the people.

The two Crossfire hosts can't believe their ears and team up to go after Stewart, but he manages to come out on top while the hosts are exposed as vapid and amoral actors playing parts.

It's an amazing sight. It's as if the little man behind the curtain is revealed right before your eyes.

How long can it be before they manage to get rid of Stewart? He is clearly the most serious threat to Politics As Usual we've had in a long time.

While I give credit to Jon for sticking to his guns, I don't see why everyone is praising him so much. I thought he sounded confused and didn't make many important points. In fact, it seemed a little like he was on drugs. I know he's an intelligent and articulate guy, so I can only guess it was part of his plan, but I just think he missed a golden opportunity to take it to an egotistical ideolog. Al Franken would never have let that happen!

Bill O'Reilly also recently came on The Daily Show, and I think Jon missed another golden opportunity to ask some serious questions. I was frustrated watching the clip, because when you think about it, both O'Reilly's and Stewart's shows are interview shows, but O'Reilly uses his interviews to do most of the talking, and then he came on The Daily Show, and again, Stewart let him do most of the talking!