A friend of mine and I have recently started a new website called isgoodfor.us which is based on a simple idea: all the good domains are gone! So we managed to buy up a series of cool top-level domain names and we're selling subdomains very cheap. You buy, for example, 'corruption.isbadfor.us' and forward it wherever you'd like. You have to host your site elsewhere, but it doesn't matter what the domain is, because you can just give out the isgoodfor.us domain, which we hope is easy to remember, fun, and makes a statement.

So the question is: how does one kickstart the marketing of a thing like this? Where does one start in making a new meme? Of course, a thing will sink or swim on its own merits. It could very well turn out that people don't like the idea. But how do we get them to hear about it? I'm sure if anyone had really figured this out they'd be a millionaire by now.

One way, of course, is to blog about it. (ahem!) I'm also thinking about posting the link on digg.com, reddit.com, etc. I'm not going to spam my friends. One idea we had was to put a few high profile domains, in this case georgewbush.isgoodfor.us (auction) and georgewbush.isbadfor.us (auction) up for auction on ebay, hoping that some folks will take notice.

Anyway, who knows. This is the great thing about Web 2.0. My friend and I devoted a few hours of work to a silly and fun idea, and now we can largely 'set it and forget it' and provide a simple service, hopefully to lots of folks. But it was easy, we learned a lot doing it, and if we can make a bit of beer money, then great!