Following the release today of Google Maps I thought I would whip up a search bar plugin for Firefox. (Thanks to Joe for introducing me to writing search bar plugins.)

One of the great things about Google Maps is the simple query syntax:

Search for an address: type in as much of the address as you know at any level of resolution. The following queries all work provided the city and street are specific enough:

  • Exact Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
  • Partial Address: 1000 Market Street, San Francisco
  • Intersection: Telegraph and Bancroft, Berkeley
  • Airport Code: JFK
  • Zip Code: 10028

Get Directions: type in any of the above types with a “to” in the middle.

And much more. That's it. Go Google!

Installing the Search Bar in Firefox

  1. Download the following files: Google Maps source file and the Google Maps icon.
  2. Copy these files to the searchplugins/ folder in your FireFox installation directory. On a Mac, this is: /Applications/
  3. Quit all Firefox sessions and restart.