(via Lifehacker) Writeboard is a new web service from 37signals that lets you collaborate with others on writing a document. It keeps a history of all the changes, and provides a really easy and intuitive interface for viewing them, rolling them back, etc. 37signals is also the developer of Backpack , a service which claims to be for 'online organization' but is really only marginally useful.

The obvious comparison here is with a wiki. The thing about Writeboard is that it's much more of a single use service. It certainly has some of that simple elegance that most wikis forgo in the name of versatility. It's so barebones that it just might work. You simply create a Writeboard, assign it a password, and then give out the URL to anyone you want to collaborate with. There's no account signup – to participate you just log onto the Writeboard, edit the document, and give your name at the bottom to ID the changes. That's it.

Check it out. Tear it apart.