EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently released their Legal Guide for Bloggers. I don't think any of us expect to have any legal trouble as a result of blogging, but it's worth a read. The fact of the matter is that blogs are more read than they have ever been, and with exposure comes risk.

I argue vehemently with folks in my department who talk about blogging like it's the wave of the future, and before long everyone will be doing it. I predict that blogging will peak sometime in the next 18 months, and then recede into more specialized uses. Having said that, though, I think it's also true that cultural conceptions of blogging are changing. Whereas people might once have dismissed something they read on a blog as meangingless and inconsequential ('it's just a stupid blog after all…'), they might now take it more seriously, if only because of the popular attention that blogging has received. The cultural conception of blogging may now be something closer to a serious, meaningful form of public expression and content production. Of course, this also increases the danger for bloggers. Hell, I'd hate it if people took all the junk I wrote on this blog seriously.