I don't often feel the need to rave about software. That's partly because I rarely find software I'm that excited about, and partly because I often find other people's raves annoying. So I'll try to keep this one short.

Get DropBox. Do it now. This is software that just works, and I can't believe it took someone this long to come up with it.

DropBox Logo

Here's the deal. I install DropBox on my laptop, on my desktop, on my work computer. Each computer gets a folder called 'My DropBox' that acts like any other folder in my file system. Now here it is, and it's easy to understand: the folder is the same on every computer, all the time, effortlessly. I put a file in the folder on my laptop, it's instantly sync'd with the other two machines liked to my account. I change it on another computer, and the changes are sync'd back too. And it backs up the files to a remote server. And it keeps a revision history so I can go back anytime. And it's all encrypted with a key that I can choose (if I want to).

Holy hell. These features should have been in Windows 95. There's lots of other solutions to the problem of cross-computer file sync, like Groove, SVN, etc. None are as seamless and painless as DropBox.

They're in Beta, but sign up now. I have a few invites I can give away if you're desperate.