Well, I've spent the last year thinking about my dissertation proposal, the last 2 months writing it, and on Friday I'll defend it. Eep. Actually, it's been great, and I can't wait to finally get started on this research that's all my own. Or, mostly, since no one really has a new idea anymore.

As soon as my Quals. are over, I'm going to start blogging a lot more about my research, data as it comes in etc. For now, I can tell you that it's called 'Motivated by Information: Information About Online Collaboration as an Incentive for Participation.' I've also been inspired by Joe to feed my proposal into the very cool Wordle word-cloud tool to see what comes out.

Motivated By Information
(Click for a larger version)

OMG! It's about information! Also, I think it kind of looks like a grenade. An information grenade.