I am, as I imagine millions of others are, a little dissapointed this morning. So many people gave so much effort to defeat a man who stands for so many things that we detest. A good part of me thinks, 'how did this happen?' As an anthropologist, I pride myself on understanding others' points of view. But I'm having a hard time. The case against Bush has been made so plainly, in my view, that I just can't imagine that anyone could ignore it. And so all the more anger, frustration, sadness, and fear for what might happen to our country and the world.

But then I remember that this country has always been divided. There has always been a president with whom roughly half of the country disagreed. Perhaps it seems worse in this situation, because it isn't just the ideology that's wrong, but the man. George Bush is not a smart man, not compassionate, honest, respectful, or insightful. But thankfully he doesn't run this country alone. And the people who sit behind the scenes, and the Congressmen, and judges and the like, are exactly like that 1/2 of people that the other half has always hated.

And so, I think things will probably go on mostly as they always have. We'll see a swing towards conservatism and Christianity. The environment, the law, the economy, and civil rights will probably suffer. But then in 4 years we'll have another chance to pick a President, and another chance to elect a Democrat. Until then, let's just buckle up and hope nothing really terrible happens. Sigh.