Here's something I never thought I'd have to do, but a recent journal submission requires that tables be submitted in .doc format — despite the fact that they fire everything back into LaTeX when they're typesetting the final journal anyway! Well, I guess there's just no arguing, so I had to figure out how to convert a LaTeX table to Word format. This process turned out to be surprisingly easy. Here's what I've figured out to be the easiest way to do this:

  1. Get Latex2RTF, which is an open source converter for both Windows and Linux. Install it.
  2. The GUI front-end that came with the software didn't work, so I skipped directly to the command line. I navigated to the proper directory – for me that's C:\Program Files\latex2rtf. The basic command worked great for me: "latex2rt {path to table}\table1.tex" Remember that on Windows, if you have spaces in your directory names you may need to put the whole path to the file in quotes. It'll do this for you automatically if you use the tab autocomplete when typing the path.
  3. Latex2RTF seems pretty complete, but there are still one or two latex commands that it just won't handle. For example, I had to remove the @{} format from my table declaration, which was no big deal. Finding the commands that bonk is easy, just use the debugging option at level 4, like "latex2rt -d4 {path to table}\table1.tex"
  4. I got an almost perfect RTF out of this process, but make sure to check the table carefully. I found, for example, that it didn't convert my text daggers, so I had to add them back. After a minimum of fiddling with font sizes, row spacing, etc., save as .doc, CELEBRATE!