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Amidst news that Internet Explorer 6 is still making up a 13% share of the browser market during peak business hours (see Corporate IT Just Won't Let IE6 Die), this cracked me up:


It's not the statistics, it's what you say about them:

(Click for a larger image.)

I've mentioned my borderline unhealthy interest in Team Fortress 2 before. I'm also interested in the genres of video that have sprung up around the game – frag videos, griefing, machinima. And now an inspired and hilarious cartoon that I think you'll appreciate even if you've never played the game, but especially if you have:

This is truly one of the strangest things I've ever seen. And I watch a lot of football! Looks like the snap took the O-line by surprise…


(Click for a larger image…)

I don't know, but I'm cracking up. FAIL Blog++.

fail owned pwned pictures
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If you don't get it, it wouldn't be funny anyway (via Tamar, via William):



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This hilarious picture is making the rounds today (via Ashkan). It basically sums up my feelings about Twitter, even if that does make me horribly, horribly uncool.

(Click for larger version)

Thanks to Andrew for pointing out this super-romantic view on relationships:

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